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Want to Give Your Home a Makeover? Let Our Painter Help You in Bellefontaine, OH!

Do you want to repaint your home but cannot seem to decide if you want to hire a painter or do the work yourself? If so, keep in mind that taking up the job yourself could, indeed, save you some money, but there is no guarantee you will be happy with the results. And let’s not mention the time you will spend achieving the desired outcome.

If you are based in Bellefontaine, OH and hiring a local painter already seems tempting, be sure to read this page to find out more about Clark's Custom Painting and our excellent solutions.

Our Services

Residential Painting

Residential Painting
Our team offers professional house painting, apartment painting, condo painting, and vacation home painting services in and around Bellefontaine, OH. We take great pride in our painting service and positive customer feedback. Regardless of the size of the job, we will take it on and deliver the desired outcome.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting
We deliver highly personalized services to many commercial properties and businesses in Bellefontaine, OH annually. We are always able to deliver what we promise. We have experience repainting office buildings, small office spaces, warehouses, garages, studios, shopping centers, parlors, and more. 

Interior Painting

Interior Painting
We provide a range of interior services, allowing for a seamless experience. We can help with custom painting, single wall painting, whole house painting, ceiling painting, wall preparation, drywall painting, window & door frame painting, cabinet painting, furniture painting, floor painting, and more. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting
We can help with all types of exterior surfaces, including wood, stucco, plaster, siding, vinyl, metal, and more. We have the tools, skillset, and determination to achieve the beautiful results you desire and expect. Be it your home or office that you want to makeover, trust us with the job! 

Wall Preparation

Wall Preparation
There are a lot of things to do before we can repaint the surfaces. The walls need to prepping, holes and cracks repaired, and other things addressed. When you have our painters working on your project, you can expect them to do all this and much more! 

The Benefits

There will be a significant difference in the quality of the results you accomplish compared to the painting job from a skilled exterior or interior painting contractor. Our experts have significantly more experience preparing surfaces in a manner that makes the new paint last longer. They also use quality products and materials for your home. Above all, they will help you choose colors that are appropriate for the setting and your taste.

Our Process 

Painting requires a lot more than just a few rollers and brushes. We are equipped with everything we need to repaint whole buildings from inside out in a timely and very professional manner. We use safety gear, patching tools, caulk, and other special tools. In addition to being fully armed with an arsenal of tools, we also give discounts and other special offers to both new and current customers.

The Areas We Serve

For three decades, the team at Clark's Custom Painting has been meeting the needs of the local community in Bellefontaine, OH. Over this time, our business grew and has since become an industry leader. Today, we serve in more than one area. Here is the list of where you can see our painters working on jobs.

  • Zanesfield, OH
  • Valley Hi, OH
  • Huntsville, OH
  • Logasville, OH
  • Lewistown, OH

Our professional painting company will take care of your project and give it a great finishing touch, making your property look classy for years. If you do not want to compromise on the outcome, you should call Clark's Custom Painting. We are hoping to hear from you soon!

Client’s Testimonial

by Melissa M. Smith on Clark's Custom Painting

The team at this painting company painted both my kitchen and living room. I have an old home; it was built back in the early forties. It is difficult to paint some of the walls and make them look good. Their painter made them look brand new. I love the results. He does a great job, and I highly recommend this company. 

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